Catching Raindrops

Warning bells… high water… levees that are about to break: a flood is overtaking the city! Maggie and her family must escape, but will there be enough time to get to higher ground? Stranded in the top of a downtown hotel with dozens of strangers, they can do nothing but watch the flood waters rise. While waiting to be rescued, Maggie must find the courage to face the winter cold, hunger, and uncontrollable fires. She learns that while the people she trusts may not be able to help her, God will. In the midst of terror she finds the perfect peace of surrender.

Catching Raindrops is a book written especially for middle-grade readers (8-12 yrs). It is a historical fiction. That means the names and people are made up, but the story about them is true. It is about a terrible flood that devastated Dayton, Ohio on Easter 1913. Many families lost their homes, businesses, and even family members in the tragedy. This books tells the story from the perspective of a young girl, and you get to follow along and see just what it might have looked like!

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