February 2, 2011

It Makes Me Sew Happy!

The conversation went like this:

Husband (considering that his evening plans were cancelled), to Wife:
"What should I do tonight, Wife? I'm bored."

"I don't know."

Husband (eying Wife's sewing project)
"Maybe you could teach me how to sew!"

"I think I have a pattern for a potholder."

All (with hands raised in the air):
"Hooray! Potholders are fun!"

Maybe the drama was less intense. Maybe nobody raised hands into the air, but Husband did sew a potholder that night. A good one, too. It was his first sewing project, aside from the bean bag Aunt helped him make when he was still Boy. But this one he did all by himself. He cut, pinned, stitched, and even hand-stitched (which he learned is called slip-stitching). He learned how to run the machine out of thread, and how to sew a rogue crease right into the seam. All told, he decided that if he ever had a mid-life crisis, he would go be a tailor. That is, if tailors get to spend their time turning dials on the machine just to see what they do.


  1. Those cookies look pretty good!

  2. The Reader asked me to teach him how to sew not too long ago. Not quite ready to let my 7 year old have a go at the machine I quickly taught him how to hand sew. He soon brought the project back to me, in tears, and said "How come God made me so good at so many things except what I really want to do? All I ever wanted to do my whole life was sew". Oh dear.

    So glad you have a patient teacher - one who makes you cookies, no doubt! Very impressive!