December 16, 2011

Beautiful Home Somewhere

Photo: Angie S.
Some weeks ago, a dear and respected brother in Christ was called "beyond this land of toiling, sowing and reaping...." His parting was widely grieved, and I was stirred more than at any other death before. A few nights after his accident, unable to sleep, I rose up to turn my grieving into something productive. I wanted to let "what had happened to us really serve to advance the gospel" (Php 1:12, ESV, adapted). This poem, a work still in progress, is a result of that sleepless night. Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Beautiful Home Somewhere
In memory of Jerry E. Bowman

There’s a beautiful home that is waiting for me.
My Jesus, whose soul-cleansing fountain I see,
Has already made preparation for me,
His blood my admission secures.
The sorrows of striving, the sweat on my brow
Will forever be gone when I cast my gold crown
At the feet of the savior who beckons me now,
To that beautiful home somewhere.

Though oft’ I have longed for its splendor and grace,
I only have seen it in hope and by faith,
Still yearning to see the most beautiful face
Of Jesus who asked me to come.
My friends and companions I know I will see.
Their absence is heartbreaking, but I believe
They are resting in Jesus, and soon we will be
Together at home somewhere.

I could not have purchased a home in that place
The price was too high, except for the grace
Of the Lord, who triumphantly ran the long race,
And purchased a seat at his side.
One day at the cross, when I knelt and confessed
I gave Him my least, he imputed his best!
O, glory that raptures my soul! And the rest
I will see in His beautiful home.

Oh, beautiful home, how I’m longing to be
Inside of your gates, safe and happy and free
Please come, Holy Spirit, and sanctify me,
One day to be there, in your beautiful home.

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