January 19, 2012

Our Wedding Prayer (Hearts To You)

I had forgotten about this poem, but my lovely bride reminded me of it. I was surprised that I still liked it after 2+ years, since I don't remember being that thrilled about it before. I like it mostly for the way it expresses a timeless desire of our marriage, and I hope it resounds with your heart as well. It was written shortly before we were married.

Our Wedding Prayer (Hearts To You)

O come, lord Jesus, honored guest
Unite our hearts in one.
We want to give our very best
To make our heart your home.

Be this the purpose of our life:
Your mission to fulfill.
And hereto may we die and strive
With body, heart, and will.

Take all our comforts, joys, and goals,
Our money and our fame
And pour them out to hell-bound souls
Who’ve never heard your name.

When trials come for your name’s sake
And burdens never cease,
Then use our crosses, Lord, to make
Our love for you increase.

And when our love is weak and frail,
As often it will be,
Show us then, Lord, you never fail
And make us pure as thee.

When we, at last, are called above
Out of this waiting place,
We’ll gladly mount to our best love:
Your beauty and your grace.