March 17, 2012

Do not consume one another

There was a certain boy who was rescued from brutal slavery in South America and brought to a boys' home in a safe part of the country. In that place, there were several homes filled with young men and women who had been rescued and brought there to be cared for. The operation was funded by a wealthy, generous Brazilian businessman. He had given his wealth and success to rescue boys and girls from sex trade and other slavery markets. Our character, after living in the house for a few months, began to revere the house to which he had been brought. He gave it a name, and began to worship it. He attempted to burn down the other houses, claiming that they were imposters ran by the slave traders. The generous business man sent word that the boy must stop this destructive behavior, but he continued on. Finally, in desperation, the business man came, knowing that he who saved the boy must surely command respect. But, in fact, the boy only threw rocks at him and chased him off the land, claiming he was an enemy spy. In the end, the furious business man took the boy by force and put him in a prison for his destruction and disrespect.

This hastily written parable does not give the perfect sense, but there are "Christians" who live this attitude towards their church, and their souls stand in great jeopardy. My heart aches tonight for these people who do not know the true salvation offered in Jesus.

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